Simagic GT1 Wheel


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M10 DDW is a semi pro 10 NM torque direct drive system that serve the mid range spectrum of the direct drive scene. Its pretty smooth stepper motor without realizing any step feeling and capable to produce a natural feels driving a car. Its a smart DD ever, with FFB & Damper dial access on the fly while driving. Comes with a complete custom steering wheel equip with 4 high end push buttons, 2 x 3 ways toggle switch for tune mode features & 2 rotary encoders plus magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw and paddle ears adjustments. Perfect for intermediate users who keen to upgrade from Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec CSL/CSW to the next level of eSports. Highly recommended affordable DD solutions.


– M10 DDW Motor (Max 10 nm torque)
– Round or D steering rim with leather or suede
– Custom made carbon fibre + aluminum panel
– 4 x pushbuttons
– 2 x toggle switch
– 2 x rotary encoders
– Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw
– Single power supply unit with on/off button
– Motor mount bracket included

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Simagic GT1
Simagic GT1 Wheel